Our Technology


Helbiz relies on 3 core areas; blockchain, cloud servers and smartphone lock hardware to communicate seamlessly. Our software and hardware is built from the ground up to seamlessly interact and adapt to the challenges of a complex global peer-to-peer rental operation through smart contract automatization providing users with a simple and reliable experience.

Powerful hardware.
A world of IoT.

Our installed on-board devices allows for seamless wireless control of lock mechanisms, direct communication with our frontend servers and renters and the collection of diagnostics and car data pulled from the internal system to track usage, fault codes, fuel efficiency, driving behavior, speed, revolutions, logs, routes and diagnose problems before they occur. Once a car knows its driver’s habits, it can incorporate other data from the cloud through its built in antenna and chipset building the foundation for artificial vehicle intelligence.

Providing vehicles
with intelligence.

The Helbiz software is designed for the custom powerful dual-core on-board device, that will be installed free of charge by our team. The built-in cellular, GPS, sensors and intelligence allows Helbiz to seamlessly use location and car data while communicating directly with potential renters based on their needs, auto schedule bookings, handle payment, fees, additional charges, renters insurance, geo fencing, listing periods, driving habits to provide the users with an unmatched experience.

Complex structure
for increased simplicity 

Helbiz is building a sophisticated payment system, through new second layer payment and conversion protocols on the Ethereum blockchain, that allows for seamless decentralized P2P payments and blockchain escrow for owners and renters, in both FIAT and HBZ, crucial for trustless exchanges and a reliable rental experience. The same Helbiz protocols will create the necessary framework for cryptocurrencies, and the Helbiz Token in particular, to successfully become a universally accepted instantaneous payment method in the transportation sector.

Your data.
Your choice.

Helbiz does not gather your personal driving data and car logs to sell to advertisers or 3rd parties. Your data belongs to you, its fully encrypted and decentralized and only you can choose what to do with it. From driving logs to fuel efficiency and habits, you decide whether to keep it private or share with interested 3rd parties, such as car manufactures or insurance agencies in exchange for tokens. Helbiz gets you paid for driving.

Helbiz is a sophisticated Blockchain Hybrid, seeking to eliminate inefficiencies through utilizing smart contracts and providing a complex open framework on its three core pillars; Blockchain, cloud servers and on-board devices. Paired together we are able to revolutionize the industry and 3rd parties will be enabled to disrupt corresponding industries drawing from the individualized and advanced data.

Early implementation of an Ethereum dApp must understand the specific current limitations of Ethereum in order to properly use its strengths on-chain while relying on certain off-chain operations in order to truly provide a seamless and simple experience concealing the complexity of blockchain for mainstream appeal.

The Helbiz app relies on 3 core areas to communicate seamlessly; the blockchain structure, cloud servers and the smartphone lock hardware. In 2017 we launched a united effort to engineer new software and hardware from the ground up capable of adapting to the challenges of a complex global peer-to-peer rental operation without manual involvement or intermediaries while providing users with a simple and reliable experience every single time.

Milos Citakovic
– Head of Product
Michele De Bueno – Head of Software Development
Jonathan Hannestad – Head of Helbiz App
Nemanja Stancic – Head of Engineering
Umberto Miceli
 – Senior Software Developer
Stojan Trajkovic – Senior Software Developer
Eli Terry
Product Manager
Vladimir Stašić – Information systems and technologies
Nenad Antic – Software Developer
Vojislav Vucicevic – Software Developer